How to write content to generate leads

The power of pen and paper can never be understated and if you are good with words and their articulation, you can create a ripple of emotions that can sway a million hearts. In the current times, pen and paper have been replaced by MS-Word and keyboard, but does that mean that the importance of significant content has become less? Well, that would be a wrong statement to make because with more and more people browsing through the Internet for every big and small event that happens around the globe, the importance of impactful content has increased by leaps and bounds.

How to write content that can result in leads

Business doesn’t happen in a vacuum. You need to have an eagle’s eye on every single move of your target audience to generate a positive result. If you think that creating awareness is enough, you are mistaken. From the brand awareness stage, you need to delve deeply into the lead generation phase, and then client nurturing to ensure that all that you have invested in your business doesn’t go down the drain. In this endeavor, the importance of good and valuable content cannot be underestimated. You can go through the following points to write content that can result in leads:

· Research well: Create a customer prototype for your target segment by keeping in mind the values, pain points, favorite source of information, objections to sale, and role in the purchase process to understand the psyche of the target group and what exactly they want from you.

· Choose the content type: Traffic generating content can be through blog posts, infographics, social media posts, videos, podcast, and photos, while lead-generating content is through webinars, e-quizzes, mini-courses, free reports and trails.

· Choose content distribution channels: Organic channels include search engines, LinkedIn, YouTube, Twitter, Pinterest, Facebook, Instagram etc, and paid channels include native ads, banner ads, social media ads, Google Ad words etc.

· Map the content plan: Here, you need to address questions like what, where, when, and how will you publish the content.

· Create a lead magnet: Lead magnets in the form of subscriptions, free consultations and samples will help in adding value and show your expertise.

· Write engaging blogs for optimisation: Blogs that address relevant issues and are wisely written according to the keywords will lead to better conversions. Introducing opt-in forms is a good idea.

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